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Canestrelli are traditional Italian gourmet cookies consisting of a layer of finest dark chocolate sandwiched between a pair of crisp wafers.
The bakers of Biella, a town in northwestern Italy, are renown for using traditional methods to produce uniquely characteristic Canestrelli, which are gaining worldwide acclaim.
The origins of Canestrelli can be traced back to biblical times, with evidence that they were even consumed in ancient Rome.

The age-old recipe calls for combining white flour, finely ground corn flour, sugar, softened butter, lemon peel and milk into a consistent mixture, which is then baked "waffle-style" between two red-hot plates (pre-heated in a fireplace).
The earliest plates were actually made of stone, but this eventually gave way to forged iron and finally evolved into today's modern steel. One interesting footnote is that, centuries ago, Italian nobles hit upon the idea of engraving their coats-of-arms on the plates, thus transferring the symbols of their lineage to the wafer. An outstanding collection of these antique "Canestrelli irons" can be found in the museum of Torgiano, Perugia, Italy.

Today, Brusa carries on the rich tradition of Canestrelli by employing the same age-old baking techniques and selecting only the finest ingredients, such as premium-quality dark chocolate.

In doing so, Brusa allows you to continue enjoying today all of the natural taste and goodness preserved in 2000 years of Italian baking heritage.


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